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1 June 2012

BAKERY & MILLING: Flour Optimisation

Bakeries take great care in selecting flour with a constant high quality throughout the year as a solid basis for their final products. The creation of a good baking flour is an art. Years of experience are needed to be able to purchase suitable wheat types and assemble them in the most cost-effective proportions.

Nutrex products are designed to correct enzyme deficiencies, complement with starch damage, compensate low gluten contents and improve dough behaviourand bread volume.

1 September 2010

FEED: Nuvisol Heat | Prevention & Treatment Of Heat Stress

Heat stress appears when the ambient temperature rises above the comfort zone (Table 1). Under these circumstances, it’s difficult for the bird to loose sufficient heat via conduction, convection or radiation, because the difference between body and ambient temperature becomes very small. In this case, evaporation of water through the respiratory tract (panting) becomes the major route of heat loss, since birds don’t have sweat glands...

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