As a player in the food chain, we are constantly challenged with ensuring the quality and safety of our ingredients, testing of new products and applications, and meeting the specific regulatory requirements.

From research, to testing and monitoring, to the marketing of our products, our innovations and expertise enable us to present to our customers a safe and reliable product.

A solid quality system is embedded in our daily company management and operations.  This internal quality assurance system provides us with a transparent organisation, efficient procedures and ensures reliability to our customers.  Our quality control, based on GMP standards, makes our products fully traceable and safe for animal, man and environment.


Our multidisciplinary team of nutrition professionals combines scientific research with hands-on experience to translate their knowledge into workable solutions, adjusted to our customers’ needs.  All of our products and applications are the result of intensive research and development, in-house as well as in close cooperation with customers, universities and research institutes around the world

We are constantly alert to emerging trends and receptive to input from our customers and partners.  A continuous screening of scientific information unveils new opportunities to create innovative products and solutions.