BroClear® & PhytoStar®

BroClear and PhytoStar are both well-balanced combinations of next generation phytogenic oils and extracts. They are selected in such a way that the animal benefits from the synergistic activity of the different bioactive compounds.


Animals are predisposed to intense contact with air, dust particles, ammonia and microorganisms while breathing, which may irritate and infect their respiratory tract. Herbal products based on thyme and eucalyptus among others have proven their benefit over centuries to prevent and alleviate symptoms of respiratory discomfort. By combining the best that nature has to offer, the mall-functioning of the respiratory tract is minimized, allowing the animal to regain oxygen uptake, appetite and fitness.


By selecting the best natural substances found among others in black cumin, ajowan seeds and artichoke, PhytoStar was developed to stimulate liver and kidney functioning. Due to the fast absorption and bioconversion of the selected phytogenics, liver and kidney metabolism becomes maximized, assuring fast detoxification, optimal energy usage and a better appetite.

Product availability may vary by country, please contact Nutrex for more information.