Nutrase Xyla is a unique bacterial endo-xylanase with special properties that considerably improve digestibility of corn and wheat diets for poultry and swine.

Wheat, corn and barley are major ingredients in animal feeding, which provide production animals with essential nutrients and energy for growth and maintenance.

However, a considerable portion of the carbohydrate fraction present in grains is made up of poorly digestible components that have substantial anti-nutritional effects in the animal, thereby adversely affecting animal production performance.

NSP enzymes acting on the feed carbohydrate fraction are widely used in animal production for their capacity to increase feed digestibility and to decrease the anti-nutritional effects of certain carbohydrates. This allows improved performance or a more efficient use of cheap, low quality carbohydrate-sources without adversely affecting animal performance.

Nutrase Xyla efficiently breaks down the arabinoxylan fraction in feed, thereby resulting in

  • a fast decrease of intestinal viscosity
  • improved availability of nutrients and energy
  • increased energetic value of the ration
  • reduction of digestive problems

Nutrase key distinguishing properties:

  • Optimal activity at neutral pH – resulting in a longer time for optimal enzyme activity in the digestive system
  • Low sensitivity for xylanase inhibitors
  • High affinity for water-insoluble arabinoxylans
  • High ratio of endo-xylanase / exo-xylanase activity
  • Higher efficiency in viscosity reduction
  • Outstanding stability in the premix, during pelletising and storage

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