Free-Tox is a blend of well selected indigestible adsorbents that bind mycotoxins in the gastro intestinal tract and prevent their uptake into the blood.

Mycotoxins are harmful secondary metabolites produced by fungi during colonization of crops, especially grains, in the field or during storage. Because of their resistance against temperature, storage and feed production processes they easily end up in the complete feed.

The variety of clinical effects caused by mycotoxins after ingestion ranges from oestrogenic, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, mutagenic to carcinogenic depending on the type of mycotoxin, its dosage and the animal species. Due to subtoxic contaminations the clinical signs are often less clearly associated to mycotoxin problems, but they can substantially impair animal performance (growth reduction, reproduction problems, higher mortality, organ damages (pale liver), reduction in egg production and immunosuppression) and cause even more problems on long term than an acute peak contamination.

The frequent occurrence of mycotoxins in animal feed, and the potential negative effects on animal performance, have resulted in an elaborate search for methods to eliminate or at least reduce the toxic effects of mycotoxins. Although various possibilities exist, not all are useful in practice. A method that has proven to be practically feasible and very useful is the addition of a non-nutritive absorbent material to the diets of animals in order to reduce gastro-intestinal absorption of mycotoxins. The mycotoxins are no longer absorbed by the animal and therefore can’t exert their toxic effect.

Free-Tox properties:

  • Binding at high and low levels of contamination
  • Stable over a wide pH range
  • Low inclusion rate
  • Ability to adsorb a wide range of mycotoxin

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