Unique, slow-release acidifiers with effectiveness throughout the entire gastro-intestinal tract while ensuring safe and easy handling as well as fast and homogenous mixing in the feed.

It is well known that organic acids act as preserving agents and control the growth of certain bacteria, properties that are widely used in the food industry.

In the feed industry, acidifiers are widely used for their usefulness in promoting a healthy gut by modulating the intestinal flora through their bacteriostatic and/or bactericidal effects on different types of bacteria.

close up nutraseThe Nutracid brand covers a range of innovative slow-release acidifiers, consisting of organic and inorganic acids in a protective fat matrix.

The fat matrix reduces the solubility of the acids, ensuring that they are not only released in the stomach, but progressivelythroughout the entire gastro-intestinal tract.

Their protective matrix makes Nutracid products non-corrosive, ensuring safe and easy handling in an industrial production environment without negatively affecting other feed components. Their free-flowing properties enable fast and homogenous blending in the feed.

Thanks to this slow-release formulation a low dosage of the product is sufficient to obtain an optimal effect in stomach and intestines.

Effect of Nutracid in the stomach

Nutracid optimizes the pH conditions in the stomach through a partial release of the acids in the stomach. Since there is only a partial release of acids, the development of the endogenous HCL production of the animals will not inhibited, as can be the case with unprotected acids.

Effect of Nutracid in the intestines

The beginning of the small intestine has a very strong buffering capacity, and a strong acidification in the stomach will be neutralized early on in the small intestine. Therefor, addition of unprotected/free acids in the feed will provide only a very limited effect in the intestines.

A progressive release of acids throughout the intestines, as obtained by use of Nutracid products, results in a positive acidification effect in the intestines as well.

Therefore the use of slow-release preparations makes it possible to influence the intestinal microflora, due to the bacteriostatic capacities of organic acids and fatty acids.




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